Growing up in Memphis, FedEx jets passing overhead at night was not unfamiliar to me.  I was exposed to flying at all ages from my family in the industry, but never showed a great interest. While pursuing a teaching degree, I began flying in September of 2015 at a small flight school in Mississippi.

Tríu Solo
Trìu (Erik) Nguyen’s first solo flight.

Within the next year, I became a Flight Instructor for the same school I learned at and instructed dozens of students until April of 2018.

Flight Instruction gave me the chance to place my two greatest passions in life together: teaching and flying.

During my two years of flight instructing, I was first published in the National Association of Flight Instructor’s MENTOR magazine for an article titled “Left Brain, Right Seat,” outlining the need of fluid teaching styles.

Shortly after completing my degree in Aerospace Education with the University of Memphis, I began employment as a First Officer on the Canadair CRJ-900. While I am no longer instructing flight students full time, I hope to recap my experiences as an instructor as well and lessons-learned through the airline industry as well.